Jul 12, 2018

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Cool Geeky T Shirts

When it comes to t-shirts I like to see a whole load of different styles. I mean that the styles of the designs are very important to me when choosing a shirt. At the moment I am quite into the the more geeky fashion style as I like to play computer games a lot. In buying a nerdy style shirt, it gives me some identity that I can wear when I’m attending my gaming function or hanging out with my friends. There are a lot of geeky designs to choose from these days, and the big websites such as Amazon, Etsy and so forth are always putting out new shirt designs. But I also came across a smaller website called geeky tee shirts that I thought I’d share with you here today. They have a nice range of geeky garments and they are adding to their designs all the time. I bought one called ‘I’m a gaming uncle’ obviously for my uncle not so long ago. He was really over the moon with it and he wears it all the time. The delivery took around a week to USA and the quality of the shirt was 100% ring spun cotton too, which is what I expect if I am to delve into the online t-shirt buying world these days.

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Geek Style If You’re A Nerd

I am a bit of a nerd so for me, I love to wear the most outrageously geeky and nerdy shirts. I’ve become accustomed to these kinds of t shirts and I don’t stop at just t-shirts, I’ve also got a nice few hoodies that I’m proud to be the owner of. My favorite one was one my nana bought for me when I turned 30 years old last summer. It reads ‘Level 30 complete’ and is really cool because it shows a range of gaming controllers too! I recommend checking that one out. The fit is quite heavy though for when it gets hot in the summer time but it’s perfect to wear during the winter months. So if you’re looking for a cool 30th birthday gift t shirt then check out that post.

geek t shirts